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At WeTrain, we center our efforts around data and technology, emphasizing a fitness approach that revolves around our customers. Our goal is to inspire progress, development, and a favorable transformation in individuals’ lives. Our clients have the flexibility to train whenever and wherever they choose, whether it’s in the comfort of their own home or from a wide array of locations, all at an exceptional value.

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The role of a leader extends beyond just innovation; it involves creating, motivating, and nurturing a collective team culture. Across my professional journey, I’ve embraced opportunities and made thoughtful leaps, each contributing to my present position. As the proprietor of WeTrain, my objective is to assist individuals in cultivating wholesome routines with the guidance of dedicated trainers who perceive a deeper significance in their roles.

Our offerings aren’t merely transactions; they represent an investment in mental and physical well-being. WeTrain is here to demonstrate the significance of fitness, encapsulating its magnificence in a single click.

Our Trainings

Strength Training

A form of exercise that focuses on building and enhancing muscle strength, often involving weights or resistance.


Also known as cardio, this type of exercise aims to improve the health of your heart and lungs through activities like running, cycling, and swimming.


A branch of healthcare that focuses on improving physical function and movement, often used in injury recovery and pain management.

Injury Rehab

Specific exercises and techniques designed to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries, restoring function and strength.


An ancient practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and relaxation to promote overall well-being.


A high-intensity workout that combines punching, footwork, and defensive techniques, offering both cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning.


Engaging in various dance styles not only provides an enjoyable workout but also enhances coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

Pre-Post Natal

Tailored fitness programs for expectant mothers (pre-natal) and new mothers (post-natal) to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy and recovery.


A low-impact exercise that works the entire body, promoting cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, and flexibility.


A physically demanding activity that involves a range of movements, including balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination exercises.


A system of exercises that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and overall body control, often using specialized equipments.

Monitor Your Progress

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With each session you complete, you’ll see your accomplishments and improvements recorded in real time. Our app integrates smart tracking technology that captures vital metrics such as the number of reps, weights lifted, distance covered, and more, providing you with a comprehensive view of your efforts.

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Why Choose WeTrain?

  • Prices

    WeTrain personal training sessions are guaranteed he most competitively priced in the market!

  • Selection of trainers

    Our trainers are far from a one-size-fits-all solution. That’s precisely why we offer the most extensive array of personal trainers, ensuring you discover your ideal fit! Also, you will have access to all trainers on the platform.

  • Convenience

    We come to you anywhere, anytime!

  • Special service request

    We customize fitness programs and send trainers to you depending on your request and needs

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Unlock fantastic savings and discounts by referring friends and accumulating points. With our referral program, you can earn credits that translate into valuable discounts on our services. Sharing the benefits of our platform with your friends not only enriches their fitness journey but also rewards you with tangible savings. As you gather points through referrals and engagement, you’ll find yourself enjoying exclusive discounts, making your fitness experience even more rewarding. Start referring today and watch your points add up, bringing you closer to exciting discounts and enhanced value.

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